Bottom Line® Odor Eliminatorbl

Bottom Line® was formulated because of numerous consumer complaints about the expensive and ineffective retail products available. After 2 years of research and careful analysis, we engineered a very unique product that contains a special disinfectant, is salmonella free and utilizes pH resistant strains of enzymes and bacteria. It was developed especially for tough odor problems caused by urine, feces and vomit. It comes in a 32oz bottle and is designed to be ready-to-use or mixed with 3 parts water / 1 part product, yielding one gallon of usable solution. Bottom Line® is sold for $24.95 per quart.

Refill Policy:

Bottom Line® will be refilled completely free of charge during your next Ecosteam service call. Should you require a refill before your next service visit, you’re probably experiencing enough contamination that you should seek our advice on a more permanent and complete solution. Please contact our corporate office for further information and instructions.

In Case of Chemical Emergency Call: 1-800-535-5053
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Bottom Line®

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